Does alcohol affect birth control? Worry not, alcohol doesn’t have a direct effect on your birth control. However, it does has an effect on you which could affect your birth control. What do I mean by this? Let me explain.

The Hangover Sickness

If you’re drinking heavily or become intoxicated, the odds that you’ll forget to take your medicine on time increase. You’re more likely to forget to take your birth control pill if you started drinking before the time you normally take it. If you take your medicine in the morning and you were drinking the night before, you could sleep through the time you normally take it.

Alcohol & Contraceptive Pills Are Not Friends

On one hand, when you’re on pills, it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do; but on the other hand, your body may not keep up its full end of the bargain. While under the influence of alcohol, your body is trying its hardest to do its job — only, it’s under-performing. Alcohol affects the brain’s communication pathways, so your brain is unable to send signals to the rest of your body as efficiently as it normally would. While your liver is trying to metabolize alcohol, the hormones from the birth control interfere with that process and reduce your liver’s ability to really break down the liquor. You may become intoxicated more quickly than you did before you started the pill. This may also increase your likelihood of missing a dose or forgetting to use protection if you choose to have sex. The two don’t exactly cooperate with one another. So your actions under the influence of alcohol could potentially be jeopardizing the effects of your birth control.

Lapse In Birth Control Pills

Your risk of getting sick could also increase. If you become sick from drinking and vomit within two hours of taking your pill, your body might not absorb the pill. This could increase your chance of releasing an egg. If you plan to drink, consider that the amount you drink may have a more potent effect while you’re taking birth control. Drink less to avoid getting sick. Also, set extra reminders for yourself, like on your phone or other devices, to avoid forgetting to take your pill.

So why take risks?

We always believe natural birth control is achievable & reliable. Instead of worrying you might forget to take the pills (Not forgetting the side effects of the contraceptive pills), why not let your body tell you if you’re safe to have sex that day? You can find out how Lady-Comp can help you to achieve that.




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