“I came to natural birth control by accident… Looking back, I wish someone would have told me when I was getting married: “Check this out!” ~ Gerard Migeon

It’s a great choice to go for natural birth control. Many men don’t understand the benefits of it. They think as long as their women pop the magic pills, everything is going to turn out well. But they don’t know in the long run, pills are going to cause more detrimental problems to the women’s body.

Before we dive in to talk about natural birth control, here are a few popular birth control methods that people are using.


Contraceptive Pills

Also known as “The Pills”. We strongly discourage the use of the pills. It posts dangerous side effects of synthetic hormones, particularly estrogen. Recent studies have shown that by taking the birth control pill, a woman increases the risk for blood clots, heart disease, breast and cervical cancer. Many of them also experience weight gain, tender breasts, and emotional problems like depression. Read about the side effects of the contraceptive pills here.


Male Condoms

Male condom is one of the most popular and cheap birth control method. Most of the condoms materials is made of chemical-laden latex, non-stick agents, and other ingredients. For some women who are allergy to latex, it can cause irritation to the vaginal area. Of course, if you have multiple sex partners, you will need it to prevent HIV/ STDs.

We don’t recommend the condoms that include lubrication as these are made of artificial materials that may cause irritation too.


Withdrawal Method

Also known as pull out. This is probably the oldest forms of birth control. The man pulls his penis out of the vagina before ejaculation. There are approximately 35 million couples rely on the withdrawal method for birth control worldwide. Keep in mind that even if a man pulls out in time, pregnancy can still happen. And there’s always a “What if”.

Pre-ejaculate can pick up enough sperm left in the urethra from a previous ejaculation to cause pregnancy. The effectiveness of the withdrawal method is around 73%. So, if you’re not sure about your girl’s cycle, it’s better to avoiding using this method.


Natural Birth Control

One of the most popular form of natural birth control is Natural Family Planning (NFP). We highly recommend this method because it’s the healthiest and most reliable. This practice limits sexual intercourse to naturally infertile periods; including portions of the menstrual cycle, during pregnancy, and after menopause. There are three main types of NFP: breastfeeding or lactational amenorrhea method, the calendar-based methods, and the symptoms-based methods.

Here are the 6 reasons why you guys should choose natural birth control over the rest of the method listed. Especially if your partner is on pills.

For The Health Of Your Partner

A lot of studies and real live testimonies have shown that women experience a lot of health problems when they are on the pills whether short-term or long term. In 2017, a large prospective Danish study reported breast cancer risks associated with more recent formulations of oral contraceptives. Overall, women who were using or had recently stopped using oral combined hormone contraceptives had a modest (about 20%) increase in the relative risk of breast cancer compared with women who had never used oral contraceptives.

Why risk the health of your love one for the moment of pleasure?


Cost Effective

We did a rough calculation. You would have spent $2,000 to avoid pregnancy and bring harms to your body. Natural birth doesn’t cost you a dime if you’re doing the charting manually. Of course, in the modern day, Singaporean are very busy. If you find it too troublesome to keep track of your cycle, you can always order a Lady-Comp to do the job. All you need to do is to take your temperature every morning when you wake up. The device will tell you if you’re good to have sex with your partner. Simple, easy and very SAFE! In the long run, it’s still cost lesser than your harmful pills.


Deepen Your Love Relationship

A lot of women feel that men are just going after their sexual pleasure. They don’t care about how the women feel. When guys choose to follow the natural cycle of their women, we feel loved. Instead of having sex, you can plan some other activities and connect with her to deepen your relationship.


Both Of You Feel More Respected

Treat your woman as she deserves it. A lot of women feared that if they don’t give in to their partners or spouses, the men will get angry. True love is about giving, not taking. When men choose to respect women’s body, they in turn getting the respect from their women too.


Better Sex

Hormonal contraceptives can negatively affect a woman’s libido, it affects them emotionally. Instead of looking forward of having sex with you, it might turn out to be a drag. When you have better communication, you’re closer, and she feels more understood and respected for who she really is, you have an opportunity to connect at a deeper level. Sex is much more than a mutual pleasure giving, it’s an act of giving ourselves to each other totally.

So guys, do the right thing today!

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