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About Us

We believe, together we can be a voice for all the women who want a healthier body!

Lady-Comp.sg provides for women a more reliable way to stay healthy and confident in their sexual life. It’s all natural, no medication needed.

When we saw as many as 10.6 million women who take the hormonal birth control pill deal with symptoms such as depression, acne, mood change, weight gain nausea (and the list goes on) every day, we are determined to find a solution to help women to live a healthier life.

We have a strong belief in women deserving a healthier lifestyle, a lifestyle free from unnatural hormonal disturbance to their already stressful body. That is why we here in Lady-Comp.sg pledge to do our best to educate our superwomen out there that there is a choice, there is an option that we can be hormonal free and a much healthier, happier and more confident woman.

To achieve our mission, selecting a reliable product becomes our top priority. That’s the reason we chose Lady-Comp.


History of Lady-comp

Headquartered in Murnau, Germany, was established in late 1986, by Dr. Hubertus Rechberg. The purpose of the company was the worldwide sale of Lady-Comp, the first family planning computer in the world. Since then, a team of gynaecologists, software specialists, electronics engineers, and designers has been continuously engaged in improving the fertility computers. Lady-Comp is ISO-certified and approved as contraception device in Europe and as an ovulation predictor in the United States.

Please be rest assured. Lady-comp.sg is the authorized dealer for Lady-Comp products. If you need further clarification, please feel free to contact us.

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