We are here to address your concern. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to chat with us or email us your question. We will be glad to assist you.


We are here to address your concern. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to chat with us or email us your question. We will be glad to assist you.

Is Lady-Comp/ Lady-Comp Baby safe to use?

Yes, Lady-Comp/ Lady-Comp Baby is safe to use from day one. This is neither drug or medicine.

Does Lady-Comp contain plasticisers?

No. Lady-Comp has been certified as medical devices, are food-safe and bio-compatible, and thus plasticiser-free.

Where is Lady-Comp products being manufactured from?

Lady-Comp is manufactured in Germany.

Why is it so expensive?

Lady-Comp is not expensive. It’s less than $14.50 a day. Oral contraceptive pills usually cost around $20-40 for a bottle. It will last you around a month. If you do the math, you would have spent $1,200 over a period of 5 years to harm your body.

Why I can't find your company name under the international distributor list?

We are the sole dealer taking care of SEA market. We are getting the products from our distributor. Thus, you won’t find our name in the distributor list. Here’s our certificate.

Do you offer 0% monthly instalment plan?

No, we are not offering 0% instalment plan yet. However, you can pay with your PayPal account or credit card facility.

How long does the delivery take?

Once we receive the payment, the device will be delivered to you within 7 working days. Our team will liaise with you directly once we receive your order.

Is it safe to make the payment via bank transfer?

Yes, definitely. Our bank account is under Singapore local bank. If in any case, you find the transaction to be a scam, you can make a report to the bank or police. All these transactions are traceable.

Why is there recorded data when I turn on the device? It's a new purchase.

These data are the default values pre-set data. They will automatically be erased as soon as you do your first measurement. Please remember to read through the instructional manual before you use the device.

I have irregular cycle. Is Lady-Comp suitable for me?

There is no such thing as a “restricted admission”. Lady-Comp is based on the length of your cycle. They will reliably evaluate your data regardless of cycle length. Only in very extreme cases, where cycle length varies by weeks (i.e. your cycle once takes 18 days, the next time 60 days etc.), should you contact us before you buy.

Does Lady-Comp come with any warranty?

Yes, we run a 5-year guarantee policy for all our devices. We added additional 3-year local warranty just for you. We are very confident with our products.

I'm currently on contraceptive pills. Can I use Lady-Comp?

Before you start using Lady-Comp, you have to discontinue the pill. For as long as you take the pill, you will not have a normal cycle since the pill is a drug that switches off your body’s hormone production. As soon as you have stopped taking the pill, you may start measuring your temperature with your Lady-Comp.

I'm taking supplements/ other medicines. Will this impair the measurement results?

Taking supplements or headache pill now and then is not a problem at all. Otherwise, you may consult your doctor/ physician whether your supplements/ medicine intake influences your cycle in any way.

Will illness or other health issue impair the data quality?

Persons with an illness associated with a higher body temperature should preferably suspend measurement for the time being. Once you recover, you may continue your measurements as before. Lady-Comp will cope with data gaps and analyze your fertility with great accuracy. In any case, you should consult your family doctor/ practitioner for advice in case of health problems.

I'm travelling frequently, sometimes to a different time zone country. What do I need to take note of?

When staying in other time zones, set your cycle computer to the local time immediately after arrival and activate the alarm. If the time lag is more than 6 hours, do not take the measurement on the same and next day. Instead, you continue to measure as usual on the day after.

My sleep rhythm is irregular, can I still use Lady-Comp?

Yes, Lady-Comp is designed for such life rhythms, among other things. For one thing, the 6-hour measurement tolerance also suits women with frequent interruptions of sleep. Before measurement, you should, however, have slept 4 to 5 hours in a row. Should you wish to sleep longer in the morning, you may freely choose and set the measurement time by adjusting the alarm.

Will there be any measurement errors?

No, in case of a defective sensor, no measurement will be taken.

Will Lady-Comp correctly analyze my data even after a very restless night or high alcohol instake?

Yes, Lady-Comp will recognize typical measurement results and identify them as “outliers”. However, we recommend to completely skip measurements on such days.

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