Getting Pregnant The Natural Way

Lady-Comp Baby maximizes your chance of conceiving. Planning for baby is no longer a stressful process.
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Lady-Comp Baby uses statistical & planning methods to detect various causes of infertility. It helps to solve individual problems with conception & becoming pregnant.

Discover The Beauty Of Natural Family Planning

Over the past 30 years, Lady-Comp Baby has proven to be a valuable diagnostic and planning tool, especially for couples with conception difficulties.

Lady-Comp Baby is designed specifically for women trying to conceive. When a couple has reduced fertility is it important that sexual intercourse takes place at the time of optimum fertility.

Lady-Comp Baby maximises your chances of getting pregnant. It registers if you don’t ovulate or if you have hormonal imbalances, which can be responsible for early miscarriages (CLI).

Polls taken among the customers showed that 75% of women who were unintentionally childless before, finally became pregnant with the help of Lady-Comp Baby.

Lady-Comp Baby Is Your Best Friend

Lady-Comp is the best choice, if:

  • The sperms of your partner are more short-lived or slower than normal.
  • You ovulate at irregular intervals.
  • You have diminished progesterone function.
  • You are in a hurry.
  • You want to start with family planning and to assess your fertility yourself.
  • You want to actively monitor the early stages of your pregnancy.
  • You want to know as soon as possible that you are pregnant.
  • You want to exactly determine the day of insemination.
  • You want to know the likely birth date in case of pregnancy.
  • You don’t wish to take hormones because of the side effects.
  • You want to stay healthy & confident.
  • You wish to feel your body as it is.
  • You want to avoid pregnancy after giving birth.
  • You do not tolerate the pill.

How Does Lady-Comp Baby Work?

Lady-Comp Baby is your new fertility coach. You can use it for birth control or conception. Every day when the alarm clock rings: You wake-up – measure – done.

Step 1 – One-Time Setup

Setup your Lady-Comp before you use it. Enter information such as date, time, alarm, menstrual period etc… The setup steps are pretty easy. You can follow the steps in our manual.

Step 2 – Measure

Every day when the alarm rings, wake up & take your temperature under your tongue for about 30 – 60 seconds until you hear a beep.

Step 3 – See Your Fertility

Lady-Comp immediately shows your fertility status for the next 24h. The reading is accurate. You don’t have to worry, it won’t go wrong.

Stress-Free Natural Family Planning

Lady-Comp Baby comprehensively supports your wish to have children while ensuring maximum freedom for you and your body. Easy to use, no hormones, no side-effects, a sustainable solution.

With the cycle and planning statistics compiled by Lady-Comp Baby, at a press of a button you get direct access to all information needed to plan your baby.

Lady-Comp Baby helps you to:

  • Forecasts your most fertile days & indicates them to you reliably
  • Recognizes when you do not ovulate or when you have a hormonal imbalance
  • Indicates monophasic cycles (without ovulation) and fluctuating ovulation patterns
  • Recognizes a Corpus Luteum Deficiency
  • Do all the work for you by keeping track of all your data without the need for graphing or charting
  • Access the data easily at anytime
  • Allows you to enter when sexual intercourse takes place to evaluate the probability of pregnancy
  • Contains an Integrated Pregnancy Test
  • Calculate the accurate date of conception and expected delivery date
  • Assists with gender forecasting (by indicating on which days intercourse is most likely to help you conceive a boy or girl)
  • Can be used with irregular cycles
  • Manage birth control after giving birth

More Than Just For Pregnancy Planning, You Can Also Use Lady-Comp Baby For Birth Control

Here Are What The Expert’s Reviews

Scientific evidence has shown that the rate of pregnancy is considerably increased where intercourse is targeted to take place on fertile days. It is thus recommendable for couples with a wish to have children to “help make it happen” the natural way.
In a recent American study, 276 women who had experienced difficulties conceiving, but then began using a fertility monitor were surveyed. Half of these women conceived after one month of using a fertility computer.

After just three cycles, 90% of the women had successfully become pregnant. On average, a couple would have already spent $6,500 on fertility treatments, and in some cases even up to $150,000.

More than 60% of these women had already been treated elsewhere, exposing their bodies to often stressful and costly procedures such as hormone treatments or artificial insemination (including IVF, which doesn’t guarantee success and also results in discarded embryos).

You can prevent much of this stress and despair by observing your menstrual cycle and taking advantage of the best time to conceive a baby.

Organizing romance with your partner around your most fertile days will ensure that your dream of becoming pregnant – quickly becomes your reality.

More Testimonial

For me, I didn’t want to remember to chart my cycle. The best option for me is to get this – Lady-Comp. This is a fertility computer that does the job for me. With this, I don’t have to think about it. It wakes me up with an alarm, I take my temperature and that’s it.

Every day it gives me a light either green, yellow or red, depending on whether it’s okay for me to have unprotected sex. The cool thing about the Lady-Comp is that it’s very accurate. It has a pearly index reading of 0.7 index rate which equates to 99.3% accuracy. It’s more accurate than a lot of birth control pills.


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