Lady-Comp Natural Birth Control Fertility Monitor


Lady-Comp is the best natural birth control fertility monitor in the market! It helps you to avoid pregnancy. 100% Natural and Side Effect Free! You no longer need to worry about your health. It is a battery operated minicomputer. Simply take your temperature with the high-quality thermometer attached to the device. The device will tell you if you are safe to have sex today.


Lady-Comp is based on the method of measuring basal body temperature, which means absolute freedom for you and your body – for women who either prefer a natural, “non-invasive” family planning method or are unable to use the classical and/or hormone-based contraception methods for health reasons. Lady-Comp enables you to avoid pregnancy simply by measuring your body temperature with your cycle computer every morning immediately after waking up and following its advice. Your computer will take care of the rest. It provides your daily fertility status and also gives you a range of statistics about your monthly cycle via the new graphic displays. With a Pearl rate of 0.7 (accuracy 99.3%), it is as safe as most current hormone methods.

This device is compact and it comes with a leather carry case for travel. Best of all, it comes with 5 years local warranty.



  • Alarm
  • Measured value and cycle day
  • Daily fertility status (fertile/infertile)
  • Ovulation forecast
  • Fertility over the last 180 days
  • Fertility over the next 6 days
  • Fertility trend over the last months
  • 6 months menstruation forecast
  • Average cycle length
  • Temperature increase / high-temperature stage
  • Average length of high-temperature stage
  • Ovulation spread in days
  • Number of mono-phase cycles
  • Personal inputs
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Indication of probable pregnancy after 15 days
  • Confirmation of pregnancy normally after 18 days
  • Data transfer via USB cable



  • Size: 9 cm in diameter.
  • Weight: 130 g
  • Battery: AAA batteries
  • Pearl Index: 0.7 (clinically tested)

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